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Patient Information

Please review the information before your first appointment.  

We recommend you call your insurance customer service department to fully understand your benefits for physical therapy prior to your first appointment.  Scanlon Physical Therapy, Inc. is not responsible for, but will assist you in obtaining referrals or prescriptions for your therapy.   

Insurance Companies We Accept:
  • Aetna 
  • AllWays Health Partners
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (All Plans) 
  • Cigna (out of network only)
  • Commonwealth Care Alliance
  • Evercare
  • Fallon Community Health Plan
  • First Health Network
  • GIC
  • Harvard Pilgrim 
  • Health Plans Inc.
  • MassHealth 
  • Medicare 
  • Mass General Brigham Health Plans
  • Senior Whole Health
  • Tricare non-HMO Products
  • Tufts Health Plans
  • Tufts Health Direct/Together
  • Unicare
  • United Health Care (Optum Plans)
  • WellSense Health Plans

In addition, we also accept all workers compensation and car accident plans. Please call our office if your insurance company is not listed.  

Information For Your First Appointment

Please fill out this form and bring it to your first appointment.    

Please sign and bring to your first appointment

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, please sign and bring to your first appointment

Understand Your Insurance Benefits

Medical costs are increasing, and will continue to do so.  To limit the rise in premiums, insurance companies are passing to patients many of their expenses in the way of deductibles, copayments and non-covered services.  


There are many kinds of health insurance policies.  It would be impossible for any physical therapy office to keep track of all of them and their annual changes.  We encourage you to understand your insurance policy.  


Be familiar with what benefits are covered, how your deductible and co-payments work, and limitations of your policy.  We encourage you to call your insurance company if you have questions or concerns about your policy.  We cannot do this for you.  

Paying for Your Visit


When Your Insurance Includes a Co-pay

Your co-pay is the fixed amount that you pay for medical care, and is collected at the time you receive your medical services.  Your physical therapy co-pay amount may differ than the amount you pay at your doctor’s office.  Your co-payment for physical therapy can range from $5 - $75.  


If Your Insurance Includes a Deductible

Many plans include a deductible - the amount you pay for health care before your health insurance begins to pay.  You will  pay 100% of your medical care until your deductible is met.  After that, you and your insurance share the cost of care.  The deductible for physical therapy can range from $65 - $150.  


If Your Have Co-Insurance

Co-Insurance is your share of the cost you pay for your services, and begins after your deductible has been met.  Your co-insurance percentage is the amount that you will be responsible to pay for your care.  The remainder is what your insurance plan pays.  Co-insurance can range from 10% - 90% of your visit.  


Estimating The cost of Your Care

During your visit, we will reach out to your insurance carrier to verify your benefits.  Based on the information they provide about your coverage, we will provide you with the estimated cost of your visit and all future visits.  At the beginning of your visit, we will collect the amount your owe.  All payments are due at the time of each visit.  


After your visit, we will file a claim with your insurance company.  The amount that your insurance company returns on the claim is ultimately the amount you are responsible for paying.  Although we do not anticipate the amount on the claim and our original estimate to be different, this can sometimes happen.  You are responsible for knowing your insurance benefits and for this reason, you will be responsible for paying the difference, if applicable. If you have questions, you must call your insurance company and ask about the date of service in question.  We will not do it for you.   

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